Halliburton Colonel Jr.

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British White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr
Halliburton Colonel Jr.
Born: Feb 12, 2010   Picture Taken at Champion Genetics in mid November 2011
Check your pedigree, we believe you will find Colonel Jr to be almost a complete Outcross to most of the USA British White Genetics.

Colonel Jr is young and we only have one calf by him born 3/13/12. It is an American Fullblood bull calf that really looks like a meat wagon. 
See a picture of it at 6 weeks of age; CLICK HERE

Colonel Jr is the result of an Embryo Transfer. He is registered with the British White cattle Association of America, Certificate # 13517. He is a Purebred with 4 generations of recorded purebred ancestry so his progeny will qualify as American Fullblood when bred to an equal or higher grade British White Cow that is also registered with the BWCAA. See copy of Registration Certificate Below.

Parentage has been proven for Colonel Jr. by DNA testing, see parentage confirmation test results below.

Colonel has been tested positive for 60 Chromosomes, 30 pair, see Karyotype Report test results below. This may also be referred to as a " 1:29 Robertsonian Translocation" and is now known to be the most common chromosome rearrangement in cattle and is found in every cattle breed worldwide. In most breeds it is rare, but in some it occurs at a very high frequency. This may also be referred to as less than 60 or simply 59 Chromosomes. Researchers believe that this 59 pattern causes a significant decrease in fertility in animals because of their uneven chromosome number.

Colonel Jr. has been tested by Igenity for important performance traits and is above average in most all traits. See Igenity Profile Below. 

Ultrasound results were taken at an older age than recommended by Cup Laboratories. His test was done at  20 1/2 months of age and they recommend 12 months. Because he was a little older than recommended he may not have received  a full battery of results but we really like the ones he receved. Namely the rib-eye size of 13.1 inches, rib fat thickness of .22 and rump fat thickness of .25. See Cup Laboratory Test Below. 

In addition to the above referenced tests Colonel Jr. has under gone all the required testing or protocol to qualify for semen export to Australia, Canada and many other Countries outside the USA.

For Colonel Jr. semen in Australia please contact Chris Malden at: Chris Malden
Spa Country - Birch Estate chris@spacountry.com.au
Ph. +61 (3) 5348 2202 Mb. +61 (0) 418 313 010

For all other export contact Craig Barton at Champion Genetics at Canton, Texas, telephone 903-567-4044 or email Craig Barton championgenetics@yahoo.com or info@championgenetics.com

For USA semen contact Champion Genetics or Morris Halliburton.

 Halliburton Colonel Registration Certificate
British White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr Registration Certificate


Parentage ConfirmationBritish White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr. Parentage Confirmation

Chromosome Test, Karyotype Report

British White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr Chromosome Test Results


Halliburton Colonel Jr Igenity Profile of DNA Test Results
Grade or Score is on a 1 to 10 scale.
Click This Link for Complete Igenity Results Key
He is above average in most all traits.  British White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr Igenity Profile

Ultrasound Test ResultsBritish White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr Ultrasound Test Results

Halliburton Colonel Jr Extended Pedigree

British White Bull Halliburton Colonel Jr Extended Pedigree